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New Faculty & Jenks Library Services

Library Instruction & Course Support

Library Syllabus Statement

Please include the following statement in your syllabi:

Students are responsible to obtain any library resources assigned for this course. Questions about library resources should be directed to librarians in the Jenks Library. Librarians are available to assist you by email at or by appointment. 

Library Instruction

Jenks Library can provide information literacy instruction for your students in a variety of ways. Below are some suggestions on how to integrate information literacy into your course:

In-Class Library Instruction

Library workshops on research techniques and library resources is available for individuals, small groups, or entire classes for general or subject-specific content. Instruction may be held in a single session or a series of sessions in a computer lab, in the Reference Room, or in the classroom. To request an instruction session for your class please fill out the Library Instruction Request Form: 

Instruction Videos

Ask a librarian for help producing instruction videos to distribute to your class via Canvas or our Jenks Library YouTube page. This is the next best thing to in-person instruction, and in some ways better, because we can create highly tailored video content your students can access again and again. Check out the Jenks Library YouTube page to view examples of instruction videos.

Subject Guides or Course Guides

The library can create a tailored subject guide or course guide for your class or discipline. These guides are curated resources designed to meet the needs of your students. They contain links and how-to information for the most relevant library resources and search strategies related to your discipline or class. 

Here are links to subject guides that might be helpful to you:

Canvas Module

Embed information literacy directly into your Canvas course by asking the library to help you build a research module. This module will be designed as a self-passed resource for students to complete. It includes a mixture of reading and videos, followed by short assignments to help check for understanding. See an example of a Canvas Module by searching the Commons for PYL 257 Research Module. 

Links in Canvas

Ever wondered how to share links with students to resources such as academic journal articles, ebooks, or other digital content? Has your student tried to share a link with you and it didn't work?

Library databases provide a special link that allows users to share links directly back to resource records within the searched source. These links are call permalinks. They are not the web URL at the top of the page. Each database or catalog has permalinks in a slightly different location. Below are short videos with instructions to find commonly accessed permalinks. 

Journal Finder Links


All web URLs (the URLs in the web browser bar at the top of the page) are stable URLs. You can copy any of the web URL links from any page in BrowZine and your students will be able to access the content.


Books & eBooks from NOBLE Catalog