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New Faculty & Jenks Library Services

Faculty Services

Three books stackedCourse Reserves

Faculty may select and place materials on course reserve for student use in specific courses. These materials may include books, copies of journal articles, book chapters, DVDs, CDs, and other materials. These materials circulate for limited time periods: 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days. Students use course reserve materials by asking for them by Course ID at the Jenks Library circulation desk. 

You can place requests for course reserve items by using the Course Reserve form. For more information on the Course Reserves process, please see the Faculty Services page on the library's website. 

 Material Delivery & Requests

Resource Purchasing
Faculty may request the library to purchase materials for the library's collections that supports their curriculum and the mission of Jenks Library. Please check the NOBLE catalog first before requesting a library purchase to see if the material is already available at another library. Please use the Request Library Resource Purchase form to submit your requests. (See the "Faculty Materials Budget" section below for more details about this process.) 

Resource Delivery
Office delivery can be used to request journal articles and books available in Gordon's library.

To request an article:

  • Please check the Journal Finder for the journal title. If the article you need is full text, you can access it from the database. If the article is held in print, then fill out the article delivery request form and a photocopy of the article will be sent to you through campus mail.
  • ​Please do not abbreviate any information.

To request a book: 

To request a journal:

Journal Alerts
For online journals from EBSCO or Gale/InfoTrac you can set up journal alerts which will send an email with links to full text articles each time a new issues is available. Additionally, you can also create a personal bookshelf in the BrowZine mobile app which will also send notifications when new issues are available. For instructions on how to set up journal alerts, please see the Journal Alerts tab under the Material Delivery & Requests box on the Faculty Services page. 

NOBLE Catalog Special Requests
Faculty may request multiple titles from the NOBLE catalog, or multiple items by a certain author or on a specific topic, for class use. Please contact the Jenks Library Interlibrary Loan Office. Examples of these special requests are campus book clubs. 

 Starting a New Program?

Are you starting a new department, major, or program at Gordon? Do you think you might need library resources such as books, library databases, or other online resources to support your curriculum? Please let us know so that library databases, journals, and books can be budgeted for! Use this form to request a library holdings review analysis in support of a course or program change or proposal. Please fill out the Jenks Library Holdings Review Form

 Faculty Materials Budget

Our collection is a faculty driven collection model, which means you help us build our library collection around our course curriculums. We happily take suggestions for book purchasing that supports student learning within in your discipline. Please, we only purchase material that is in direct support of the curriculum, requests for purchasing material for personal research process will not be accepted. 

Each faculty member has a $400 budget to help us contribute books and monographs to the collection. New faculty members are awarded $800. This budget allowance only applies to full-time faculty. All faculty are encouraged to request library purchases through the link below: