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TGC: The Great Conversation

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Carolyn Oakes

Students seated in a circle looking towards a speaker facing away from the camera with the text "The Great Conversation"

Steps of the Research Process

Remember that research is a process, and following these steps will:

  • Make writing easier and faster
  • Lessen the chance of accidental plagiarism
  • Ensure that you begin with a focused, narrow topic

Use the tabs on the left to navigate through each step of the research process

In Class Activity

How credible are each of these sources?

1. Skim each of the articles.

2. Discuss in your group: how credible is each source?

3. Determine 2-3 factors that affect the credibility of each source.

RESEARCH QUESTION: How does online gaming impact interpersonal relationships?


How Online Gaming has become a Social Lifeline


Do World of Warcraft (MMORPG) players experience less loneliness and social anxiety in online world (virtual environment) than in real world (offline)?


5 Reasons Couples Who Videogame Together Are The HAPPIEST