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About the Library

Printing, Copying, & Scanning

​​​​Large multifunction printer next to a table


Black & white and color printer/copiers are located in the front left corner of the reference room. Copies may be made from either printer. To use the copier, tap your Gordon ID card at the copier to login. Select the "Access Device" option on the digital screen to access the copy functions. Each printer/copier can print in black & white or color. 

Scanning to Email

Each printer/copier in the reference room is equipped with scanning abilities. To scan to your email, tap your Gordon ID card at the printer and select the Scan button on the digital screen.  

How Do I Print?

There are two ways to print:

  1. Set up Mobility Print to print from your personal device.
  2. Upload your document to from anywhere on campus, select papercut2\GordonSecurePrint-BLACK (virtual) or papercut2\GordonSecurePrint-COLOR (virtual), and then come to any Canon printer (including the library) to print!

Which printer do I select if I want to print in the Reference Room?

There are two print options to choose from, select which one you would like depending on if you want to print in black & white, or in color.

  • Black & White
    • ​papercut2\GordonSecurePrint-BLACK (virtual)
  • Color
    • ​papercut2\GordonSecurePrint-COLOR (virtual)

Guest Fees for Printing/Copying

Black & White: $0.05 per page

Color: $0.10 per page

Guest Printing & Copying

The recommended guest printing option is bring your laptop and we will provide you with a guest copy card to use temporarily. Please see the Circulation Desk attendant for assistance printing documents. The Circulation Desk attendant will total the amount owed.  

Cash only, please.   

A guest copy card is available at the Circulation Desk, please ask for it there.  When you have finished making all of your copies, bring the copies to the Circulation Desk and the attendant will total the amount owed.