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About the Library

Library of Congress Classifications

Search for books, CDs, DVDs, and more in the NOBLE catalog.

There are five levels of stacks in Jenks. Each stack contains their own subject areas, arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification. Use the chart to the right to see the subject classifications that are housed on each stack level of the library. Other library material such as DVDs, Scores, or Reference items are housed in different areas of the library. See the Call Number Prefix chart below for where those items are located. 

Call Number Prefixes

To locate the specific area in the library in which materials are located, use their assigned call numbers. Most materials in the library will have a unique call number which can be found either on the spine or cover. Some call numbers have prefixes in front to provide further information about where this material may be found in the library. Use the chart here to view the common call number prefixes and where those materials are located (the uppercase words are the call number prefixes and the lower case words are the location).