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What is Journal Finder

What is Journal Finder?
Journal Finder is EBSCO's single interface used to search across all of our scholarly journal holdings from individual subscriptions, journal collections, and library databases. It will display all access options, including print, for journals available at Jenks. Journal Finder can be used to search for scholarly journals, popular magazines, and newspapers.  

When Should I Use Journal Finder? 
Use Journal Finder when you know the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper you are looking for and want to see if we have it available at Jenks. Journal Finder will connect you with all issues we have available.

Journal Finder Features

  • Smart Searching
    As you enter in the title of the journal you are looking for, Journal Finder will auto-complete for you to help give you suggests on what you might be interested in searching. 
  • Search Refining
    When browsing by discipline or subject you can refine your search using a set of search limits such as peer-reviewed journals only, publisher, subject, etc. 
  • Full Text Access Display
    After running a search quickly see all access options for the journal listed in the "Full Text Access" dropdown. If we have this title available in print, the first option you will see is "*Print Located on the 4th Floor." If we have online access all options will be listed below the title. 
  • Durable Links
    On the journal record page, use the "Permalink" options under Tools to share journals with students and professors. 

Getting Started

When choosing a Full Text Access option from your results list, choose the option that will 1) allow you to read it in your preferred format (print or online), and 2) has the appropriate date in which your article was published.  For example, we have several full text access options for The Journal of Biblical Literature. You can choose to read it in print within the past 5 years at our library, but if you need older issues, Academic OneFile or Academic Search Complete will be your best option, and if you need really old content our ATLA databases has issues available all the way back to the 1800s.  

There will always be more than one way of accessing a journal when searching in Journal Finder. Use the information from your article citation to determine what the best access option will be for you.