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What is BrowZine?

What is BrowZine?
BrowZine provides a streamlined user interface for searching, browsing, and accessing scholarly journal articles. From one search, you can see matching titles, subjects, and links to additional content outside of BrowZine. 

When Should I Use BrowZine?
Use BrowZine to help connect you quickly and easily to current (2005 to the present) articles for scholarly journals. Note that for popular titles such as Time, Economist, or the New Yorker you will be directed to Journal Finder. Also you can use BrowZine to help you browse for additional scholarly journals by subject area.

BrowZine Features

  • Quick Browsing
    Use BrowZine's advanced browsing capabilities to find journals by subject area. Select a subject and immediately see a "newsstand" type layout of Jenks Library's collection of journals within that subject. Select any cover to view the current table of contents.
  • Durable Links
    Copy durable links within an page in BrowZine such as a journal's table of contents, subject pages, and more. Share these links with students and professors.
  • My Bookshelf
    BrowZine makes it easy to save favorite journals by allowing you to add them to your bookshelf. Customize your bookshelf by organizing them and creating sub-shelves within each category. 
  • Mobile Device Friendly
    BrowZine is iOS and Android device friendly. With your BrowZine account, your Bookshelf is available across all your devices in quick, easy to read format. View the instructions in the "BrowZine App" box below to learn more about downloading the app. 

BrowZine App

Download the BrowZine App!

  1. Download BrowZine by simply going to the app store for your device and search for "browzine".  It's a free download.
  2. Next, select "Gordon College - Jenks Library" from the library list. 
  3. You will be prompted to log in with your Gordon ID barcode (14-digit number on the back of your Gordon ID card) and your password. This is the same password you use for logging into Canvas, Gordon Mail, etc.
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