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Print Journals & Magazines

Print journals and magazines can be found in two places in the Jenks Library.


Looking for the latest issue of your favorite magazine, newspaper, or academic journal? Check the Bistro. We display current issues of top journals in various fields of study such as Biblical Studies, Communication, Education, Mathematics, the Sciences, and more. We also have popular magazines such as the Economist, Forbes, New Yorker, and Time available in the Bistro. Read through your favorite periodicals while enjoying Bistro 255's coffee!   


Over 100 academic journals and magazines are housed upstairs in the 4th floor Periodicals section of the Jenks Library. In addition to current issues, we keep at least 5 current years of many periodicals and some we have even further back issues available! Search Journal Finder and look for the link "Print Located on the 4th Floor" indicating this is a title we have available in print at our library.  


Finding Journals

Jenks Library subscribes to hundreds of print and online scholarly journals, popular magazines, and newspapers all to help support your research and interests. Many more journals are made available full-text through our library databases. But how do we find all of this content? If you know either the title of the journal or the subject you are interested in, there are two ways to find journals through Jenks: 

  1. Journal Finder
  2. BrowZine

How do I know which one to search?
Each journal search can be used interchangeably. BrowZine integrates with our holdings in Journal Finder, so even if it does not have a title available, such as a popular magazine like Christianity Today, it will still connect with our holdings information from within Journal Finder. 

  • To gain quick, easy-to-read, access to current (2005-present) articles from scholarly journal articles use BrowZine.  BrowZine offers a very user-friendly interface for reading articles on any device. 
  • To view all holdings available from a scholarly journal, popular magazine, or newspaper use Journal Finder. Journal Finder will tell you all access options available for your journal at Jenks.  

For Browsing
Not sure what you are looking for or want to find scholarly journals related to your specific area of interest, browse for journals using BrowZine. Select any of the subjects to view a complete list of all scholarly journals available by that particular subject. 

Still Haven't Found What You're Looking For? 
If you've run a search in Journal Finder and can not find the journal or article you are looking for, it's time to use our Interlibrary Loan service!  Fill out the article request form and we'll track the article down for you!  Watch the short video below for more details on locating articles and using the ILL article request form. 

Accessing Articles from the Web