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Remote Instruction & Resources

Guide to Jenks's online resources and other available resources for supporting your remote classes and students.

What is the Guide for?

As we transition from remote education back into the classroom, Jenks Library is committed to providing ongoing support for remote learning. Many of the resources that we provided during the pandemic and remote instruction are still available and useful for your instruction, but some of the resources we shared are no longer freely available. This guide is intended to be a collection of links and tools that provide you with easy access to:

  1. Open education resources (definitions, rationale, and how to find).
  2. Guidance on copyright and fair use.
  3. Links to both Jenks Library and publisher-created tools to help you succeed in supporting remote learning.

Our Promise
We will do our best to keep this updated as more publishers offer to help in this time.

How can you help?
Many of you have sent along information from publishers who are making content accessible during. We ask that you please continue to share with us this information so we can keep this guide active and updated. Please email: