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Graduate Music Program Orientation

Guide for Graduate Music students on how to navigate Jenks online and other resources.


As part of your orientation to the Graduate Music Program, you will need to become familiar with how to navigate and use Jenks Library resources. The Library Orientation module prepares you to enter into academic conversations by teaching you how to utilize Jenks Library resources to find, use, and interpret research related to your course content. 

How will you work through this module? 
Work through each page on this module sequentially. Pages are labeled with the corresponding part numbers (e.g. Part 1) and each box on the page are labeled alphabetically so you have a path to follow (e.g. A. Navigating the Library's Homepage). Please read all content and watch the instruction videos to learn how to start your research at Jenks. You will work through the module in the following order:​


Contact a Librarian

Librarians are available for help if you need it. Feel free to email to ask questions or schedule virtual research appointments at

Contact the Library

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