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Curriculum Library

Room Equipment

The Curriculum Library houses equipment intended to help education students prepare course material and become familiar with classroom teaching tools. Equipment includes a Smart Board, Silhouette Paper cutting machine, laminator, and an Ellison Machine. All equipment should be kept within the room and rules for use (available in the room) should be followed to ensure they remain working properly for all. 


The Jackson-Hirsh 7300 Card/Guard Laminator is great for laminating tags, cards, badges, or full 8.5 x 11 pages.  It can also laminate paper as large as 11.5 x 17.5. 

To make sure the Laminator stays in good working order, please remember the following:

Place laminating sheets in a cardboard carrier EVERY TIME you use the laminator. This keeps both your project and the machine protected. There are cardboard carriers available in the laminator box on the shelf under the laminator work station. 


Laminating sheets are available for purchase at the library circulation desk. All sheets are 8.5" x 11" We have the follow weight sheets available:

  • 6 mils sheet - $0.35 ea. (lightest weight available)
  • 10 mils sheet - $0.55 ea.
  • 14 mils sheet - $0.75 ea. (heaviest weight available)

Adjust the heat settings based on the thickness of the laminating sheet you are using.  Turn the heat dial to the correct number to adjust heat settings.  For best results use the following heat settings:

  • 6 mils sheet – Heat Dial #2
  • 10 mils sheet – Heat Dial #2
  • 14 mils sheet – Heat Dial #3
  • 20 mils sheet – Heat Dial #5
  • 30 mils sheet – Heat Dial #7

For best results laminating your projects, please follow the instructions below.

Turn on the laminator and start warming up the machine using the green switch.

  1. Adjust the heat settings if necessary.
  2. The orange light will blink while the machine is warming up.  Once it has turned solid orange the machine is ready to use.
  3. Push the top of the orange button to the up position to start the motor. 
  4. Place the items you would like to laminate inside the laminating sheet of your desired thickness (examples of the thickness of each sheet are contained in the boxes).
  5. Place the laminating sheet inside a cardboard carrier with the folded edges against each other.
  6. Feed the folded edge of the cardboard carrier into the machine first. 
  7. Hold the carrier until you feel the machine catch it.  Then the motor will guide it through and out the other side.
  8. Place the laminated sheet on a flat surface to cool.  This will help it remain flat.


The Silhouette CAMEO is an electronic cutting machine that cuts shapes and images from paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and other materials up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. There are two components to the Silhouette CAMEO machine. The first is the cutting machine itself, which is housed in the Curriculum Library. The second is the Silhouette design software where you actually create the shapes and images you would like to cut out. The software is loaded on the computer outside the Curriculum Library. All materials for using the Silhouette, such as the cutting mat, are contained in the black box under the equipment. Please return everything to the box when done.  

To make sure the Silhouette and all its tools stay in good working order, please remember the following:

  1. When you are finished using the cutting mat, please put the blue protective sheet back on the mat to ensure it remains sticky for the next person to use.
  2. Return the tools to the Silhouette Toolbox when done so they don’t get lost.
  3. Please be careful with the blade when adjusting the cut settings, it’s very sharp!
  4. If you think the sticky cutting mat needs replacing, let us know.  Email

Instructions for using the Silhouette are in the Silhouette Cameo binding located in the Silhouette Toolbox.  The first tab contains a quick reference sheet for simple cutting.  The second tab is the complete user manual from the Silhouette company.  This includes detailed instructions about creating your own shapes, using the stock shapes, and more.  


The Ellison Machine allows you to cut shapes, letters, and other dies from many different materials and thicknesses.  In the Curriculum Library there are many different die cuts available that you can load into the machine and quickly cut out shapes for your lesson use.  

Learn about all the different types of materials the Ellison machine can cut and get different ideas!