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Curriculum Library: About the Room

Curriculum Library

John. A. Burgess Curriculum Library

Curriculum Library

Ellison Machine

Curriculum Library

Juvenile Literature

Curriculum Library

John. A. Burgess Curriculum Library

Curriculum Library

John A. Burgess Curriculum Library


The Juvenile/Picture book collection contains fiction and non-fiction books written for readers pre-school through grade 12, arranged by Library of Congress call numbers.  All Juvenile books are separated into picture books and chapter books.  Juvenile non-fiction books are located at the beginning and end of their respective sections.  Each collection is represented by a different color on the Curriculum Library map. 

The Juvenile collection is green and starts in the far right corner of the Curriculum Library, wrapping around the outer wall (if you are standing in the doorway).

The Picture book collection is orange and is located to the left as you walk in the room behind the divider wall.

The following is a list of common call number ranges where different types of books can be found.  Note that each collection, Juvenile and Picture, have the same breakdown of classifications, but depending on which section you are looking in the call number will be prefixed with either Juvenile or Picture so you know which section to look in. 

Juvenile or Picture A-PE - Non-fiction
Juvenile or Picture PN Poetry, Plays, & Drama
Juvenile or Picture PZ - Fiction

PZ 5-6 - Collections 
PZ 8 - Fairy tales
PZ 8.1-8.2 - Folklore & Fables
PZ 8.3 - Rhyme
PZ 10.72+ - Children's literature in another language.

Juvenile or Picture Q-Z - Non-fiction continued



The Curriculum Library Material collection is blue and starts just after the picture book collection and continues throughout the rest of the room, including the middle bank of shelves.  This collection contains classroom resources in particular content areas such as language arts, math, music, and science.  This collection is organized alphabetically by subject area.   

The following is a complete list of subjects within the Curriculum Library Materials collection.  Note that each subject area has sub-sections which are also organized alphabetically within the subject.  This list includes subjects only; for individual sub-sections, download the Curriculum Library Classifications and Abbreviations document below. 

Career Education
Foreign Language
Language Arts
Physical Education

Sex Education
Social Studies
Special Needs

John A. Burgess Curriculum Library

The John A. Burgess Curriculum Library is located on Level 3 of Jenks Library. The library is a resource center for the Education Division and is used exclusively by education students preparing for teaching careers.  Items in this collection are organized by type in three sections with their corresponding prefixes of Picture, Juvenile, or CurLib.  In addition to the three main collection areas, teaching equipment such as a Smart Board and laminator are also available to help prepare future teachers for their classroom instruction.  

The John A. Burgess Connection
The Curriculum Library is named for a former professor of Education, Dr. John A. Burgess, who taught in the Education department for more than 30 years.  Dr. Burgess was instrumental in the formation of the Early Childhood Education program.

Search the Catalog

All material in the Curriculum Library is searchable in the NOBLE Catalog by title, subject, author, keyword, etc.  Most of the picture and juvenile books covering a topic (mathematics, science, Christmas, etc.) can be found in the NOBLE Catalog by adding the word "juvenile" to a keyword search for the topic term. 

Search the NOBLE Catalog

Room Map

Room Policies

Room Access
The room is available by Gordon ID card access for undergraduate Education majors and Education faculty.  All ID cards of Education majors and Education faculty should already be configured to allow access into the room.  

For graduate students, Curriculum Library Key Cards are available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.  Cards may be checked out for a 4 hour period and must be returned to the Circulation Desk upon leaving the room.  Please present your Gordon Graduate Student ID card at the Circulation Desk when you would like to check out  a key card.  

Graduate Faculty members should also have access to the room.  If you are experiencing difficulties with your access, please contact the Graduate Education office 978.867.4322 or visit them in Jenks 106.   

Others wishing to access the room will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

All items within the Curriculum Library may be checked out by Gordon faculty, staff, and students.  The check out period is 7 days with one renewal.  Curriculum Library material is fined $0.50 per day overdue and is subject to the same recall policies as other library material.  

Curriculum Tests circulate to students currently enrolled in certain courses. Curriculum Tests check out period is 7 days with no renewals.