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POL 210: Comparative Politics: NOBLE Catalog

NOBLE Catalog

In the Stacks

The primary section within the library for books on topics in Political Science is the Js. However, for many of your topics you will need to explore other areas of the Stacks such as the history section from D-F or the social sciences in H if you are focusing on economic development. Below is a quick overview break down of some of the call number ranges for the key areas within our library contain books related to topics discussed in the class.


J - Political Science

  • Subclass JC - Political Theory. The State. Theories of the state
  • Subclass JF - Political institutions and public administration
    • ​JF 20-1177 Comparative government
  • Subclass JK - Political institutions and public administration - United States
    • JK 404-1685 Government
  • Subclass JL - Political institutions and public administration - Canada, Latin America, etc.
  • Subclass JN - Political institutions and public administration - Europe​
  • Subclass JQ - Political institutions and public administration - Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.
  • Subclass JS - Local governments
  • Subclass JZ - International Relations​

H - Social Sciences

  • Subclass HB - Economic theory
  • Subclass HC - Economic history and conditions
  • Subclass HD - Industries
    • HD 72-88 Economic growth, development , planning


D - World History, History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

  • Subclass DA - Great Britain
  • Subclass DAW - Central Europe
  • Subclass DB - Austria
  • Subclass DC - France
  • Subclass DD - Germany
  • Subclass DJK - Eastern Europe
  • Subclass DK - Russia
  • Subclass DS - Asia
  • Subclass DT - Africa

See the complete break down of call number ranges for the D section here.

E-F History of the Americas

E - America

  • E 183 Political History

F - U.S. Local History and Latin America

Tips for Searching the Catalog

Use the basic search box and enter any combination of keywords into the search line. 

Subject Headings
Once you run a few searches and find a few books about or related to your topic, use those records as jumping off points for related information. On a book's record, look for the Subject section. Scan the list of linked subjects for any that are near your topic. Clicking on those subject links will provide a list of all other books with Jenks that have also been tagged with this same subject. 

Beyond Jenks

NOBLE (All Libraries)
When searching the NOBLE Catalog, any time you would like to look beyond Jenks for resources from other NOBLE libraries, use the Location drop down to and select the "NOBLE (All Libraries) option. This allows you to cross-search all collections within the NOBLE libraries for materials. Use the "Place Hold" button on the book's record to have the material sent directly to Jenks.