PHI 440: Gender Today: Books

NOBLE Catalog

When searching in the NOBLE Catalog you often have to keep your search pretty broad.  This is because you are search for entire books on a particular subject.  You might find an entire book discussing the history of feminism or feminist theory and within that book one chapter or section might be pertaining to your topic.  

LC Call Number Range for Philosophy

B - Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
Books on philosophy are located in the classification "B."  This section is located on Stack 1 in Jenks Library.


B               Philosophy (General)

BC             Logic

BD            Philosophy, Speculative

BH            Aesthetics

BJ             Ethics

For more subclasses in Philosophy, see the LOC Classification outline.  

LC Call Number Range for Gender

Gender studies incorporates many different disciplines and fields from philosophy, to psychology, sociology, religion, and more. Because of this books on topics on Gender are located in a variety of areas in the library.  Below are some call number ranges that are a good place to start:

BF - Psychology
BR - Christianity
BT - Doctrinal Theology
E - History of the Americas
HM - Sociology
HQ - The family, marriage, and women

HQ 12-449 Sexual Life
HQ 1088-1090.7 Men
HQ 1101-2030.7 Women. Feminism


LC Call Number Range for Feminism

Like Gender Studies, Feminism also spans many different disciplines and fields.  Below are a few key areas where you can find books on feminist theory, ethics, history, and literature.

BJ                           Feminist Ethics

BT 704                   Faith and feminism

HQ                         Feminism and Gender

PN 441-1009.5      Literary history including Feminist Literature