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The Process of Scientific Literacy

The Process of Scientific Literacy

Read, Converse, Evaluate

 1. Read with Understanding

Popular press from newspapers and magazines are great sources of new information and are often based on newly published scientific studies and scholarly articles.

 2. Engage in Conversation

Research is not a solitary pursuit. After consuming new information, you should be able to engage in conversations with peers, mentors, and experts about what you have read.

3. Evaluate the Quality

Always ask questions about your reading, like "Is it accurate?", "Does it match other research?" "Does the scholarly research confirm what this popular article is saying?"

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Citing Sources

When working with and using information of any kind you must ALWAYS cite your sources. Use the library's citation guide for help getting started with citing sources in APA.  Additionally, the OWL Purdue Writing Lab website contains useful information on citing sources. 

We also have the following books available in the library for help with citations: