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MUS: 117 Intro to Music Education: Searching NOBLE

In the Stacks

All books on various subjects within the field of Music are convenient organized under the "M" LC Classification on Stack Level 3. Below is a break down of subtopics within the larger subjects in the M-MT section. 


M 1-5000 - Music 

  • M 5-1480 Instrumental Music
  • M 1495-2199 Vocal Music
    • M 1497-1998 Secular Vocal Music
    • M 1999-2199 Sacred Vocal Music​

ML 1-3930 - Literature on Music

  • ML 159-3785 History & Criticism
  • ML 3790-3792 Music trade
  • ML 3795 Music as a profession
  • ML 3797-3799.5 Music Research
  • ML 3928-39230 Literature for Children

MT 1-960 Instruction & Study

  • MT 170-810 Instrumental techniques
  • MT 820-915 Singing and vocal techniques
  • MT 918-948 School Music
  • MT 955-956 Musical theater

For a detailed list of the subclasses in the Music section, see the LC Classification Guide for M.

Education Books
Conveniently located right next to the music section is the general section on Education. These books are in the L-LT section

NOBLE Catalog

Tips for Searching the Catalog

To find specific types of material in the library such as scores or curriculum material, there are two search options that will help limit your results. 

The format filtering option allows you to filter your search by item type. From the dropdown menu you might select the following formats, depending on what you are looking for:

  • Kits (helps find Curriculum Library material)
  • Music Recordings (CDs)
  • Scores


You can also filter your search by location. Use the Advanced Search tab to highlight the specific location you would like to search within Jenks Library. The following locations are useful to search through for music education students:

  • Reference Room (for finding encyclopedias and dictionaries in the Library)
  • Curriculum Library (for finding all teacher guides, classroom equipment and tools)
  • Juvenile/Picture (for finding picture books to accompany your classroom lesson)
  • Scores (limits search to only the Scores section of the Library)
  • CDs (limits search to only the CD section of the Library)