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EDU 438: Classroom Management (Early Childhood): Home

Course Description

EDU 438: Classroom Management (Early Childhood) considers behavioral theory and practical means of working with learners with and without disabilities in early childhood classroom settings. 

The Course Guide to EDU 438 provides quick access links to top resources in classroom management and early childhood education.


View a list of books available at Jenks Library related to topics in classroom management and early childhood development.  Use the NOBLE Catalog to find even more books on these topics.  


View a list of top library databases you can use to search for scholarly journal articles on topics in Education and Psychology.


View a list of education and psychology journals available at Jenks Library.  Use the Journal Finder search interface to find other academic journals both in print and online.  

Action Research

View resources on conducting Action Research.  Resources include print books, ebooks, and academic journals.

Citing Sources

See examples APA citations for common materials such as books and academic journal articles.