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Remote Learning at Jenks: Remote Library Research

Jenks Library is now fully online and ready to support your remote research needs.

Access to Online Resources at Jenks

Find Online Resources

How do I access library databases?

All links to library databases and online resources such as ebooks can be accessed from the "View all Databases" link on the Databases tab on the library homepage. Remember, the only difference for access off-campus is you will be prompted to login to your Gordon account first before being automatically directed to the online resources. 

How do you find scholarly articles in a database? 

Watch this video for instructions on how to find and search library databases. The database featured in this video is Academic Search Ultimate, a great source for finding scholarly articles for many different subject areas. 

Other databases that will be helpful to begin searching are the multi-disciplinary, or multi-subject, databases. Jenks Library recommends:

Having trouble playing the video? Watch it on the Jenks Library YouTube Channel.

How do you refine your search in a database? 

When you first start researching, often searching is in one of two categories: Too Broad: your search results returns too much information and not relevant information. Too Narrow: your search returns too little or zero results. What do you do? Watch this video to learn some strategies about how you can refine your search to get more relevant results.

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How do I find ebooks in the NOBLE Catalog? 

Wondering how to access books at Jenks Library if you’re not on campus? The answer is ebooks! Jenks Library has150,000+ ebooks available, all searchable within our NOBLE Catalog. eBooks are really useful for distance learners, because you can access them from your device wherever you are. This video will walk you through finding and accessing ebooks within the NOBLE catalog.

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What ebook collections are available? 

Jenks Library has several ebook collections available to search, but all of our ebooks are searchable in the NOBLE Catalog, so please use that. Additionally, many publishers have made ebook content freely accessible during this time. See the list below. 

How do I access journals, magazines, or newspapers from off-campus? 

There are two ways to find journals, magazines, or newspapers through Jenks Library: 

  1. Journal Finder - to view all holdings available from a scholarly journal, popular magazine, or newspaper use Journal Finder. Journal Finder will show you all access options available through Jenks for your journal.
  2. BrowZine - Not sure what you are looking for or want to find scholarly journals related to your specific area of interest? Browse for journals using BrowZine. Select any of the subjects to view a complete list of all scholarly journals available by that particular subject.

Learn more about finding journals at Jenks by visiting our Finding Journals information page:

How do I find scholarly journals?

In addition to library databases, another tool for discovering new information is the authors' bibliographies or Works Cited page that cites the information they used when conducting their research. Don’t skip over the last page of Endnotes or Works Cited of the articles you find!

Wondering what do you do when you see a citation in an article and you want to try to find that article for your own research? Watch this video to learn how you use a journal article's citation to find the article in print or online at Jenks Library.

Having trouble playing the video? Watch on the Jenks Library YouTube Channel.

Searching the web and find an article you have to pay for? Don't! Use Jenks resources instead. 

Watch this video to learn how to find journals from a web search: