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POL 325: Congress and the Presidency: Academic Journals

Magazines & Journals at Jenks

All print periodicals are located in the 4th Floor Periodicals section of the library. We have many political science periodicals from popular to scholarly available in this section. Most of our print periodicals are available within 5 current years, but we have access to older content online. 

When browsing in the 4th floor section, pay attention to the shelf signs for your periodical. This sign tells you whether something is print only (green) or available in print and online (blue). If a periodical is available online the shelf label will tell you the available coverage years.

BrowZine for Political Science Journals

Exploring Journals

Library databases such as Academic Search Complete are designed to help you find information about a specific topic across multiple journals. But sometimes when researching you already know the name of the specific journal or magazine you would like to search and what you need to do is find that information quickly within that source.  Many of our popular and scholarly periodicals are available online. You can easily search within these publications.  


Use the Journal Finder search engine to see if Jenks Library has the periodical available online. From the online record for the journal, click on the online access option, and then look for the "search within this publication" link. Enter whatever keyword you would like on the second line of the search interface that appears. You can also browse by discipline using Journal Finder. 

Accessing Articles from the Web

Watch this short video for how to get access to articles you find from a web search like Google Scholar. Remember, never pay for content, the library can help you find it!