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News: Around Jenks

A stack of course reserve books, phone chargers, and CostCo cards labelled fined next to a stack of books labelled not fined

Save money, return your books!

Return your library books by the end of the semester! While Jenks Library doesn’t charge late fines, long overdue books need to be replaced, and your student account will be charged with a replacement cost.

A book with flowers growing out of it and the text Los Libros Favoritos/ Os Livros Favoritos

Los Libros Favoritos/ Os Livros Favoritos

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with this month's display, created in collaboration with La Raza!

Libby: listen while you travel

Use the Libby app to listen while you travel!

stack of new books

Check out new books in the lobby!

Libby is the mobile app version of Overdrive, which gives you access to thousands of books, audiobooks, and magazines for free!

After you download Libby, log in with the library barcode number on the back of your Gordon IDGordon ID with the library barcode circled

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Everyone Starts Somewhere: Famous Authors & Their First Novels


Selected Titles:

Christian Living

Living the Christian life is an important part our shared experience. When we live in community with one and other we are called to support and encourage those around us as we journey on our walks with God. The Christian Living book display showcases new books added to our collection that offer wisdom into what it means to live the Christian life.  

The Christian Living book display is housed in the lobby of Jenks on the card catalog across from the Circulation Desk.