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MAT 491: Senior Seminar: NOBLE Catalog

In the Stacks

All books on various subjects within the Sciences are organized under the "Q" LC Classification on Stack Level 5. Books on mathematics are specifically in the subclass QA. Below is a break down of subtopics within the QA section. 


Subclass QA - Mathematics

  • QA 1-939 Mathematics
    • QA 1-43 General
      • QA 8 - Mathematics - philosophy
      • QA 9-10 Mathematics - logic
      • QA 21-30 Mathematics - History
    • QA 47-59 Tables
    • QA 71-90 Instruments and machines
      • QA 75.5-76.95 Computer Science
    • QA 95 Mathematics recreations
    • QA 101-145 Elementary Mathematics, Arithmetic
    • QA 273-280 Probabilities. Mathematics statistics
    • QA 299.6-433 Analysis
      • QA 303-316 Calculus
    • QA 440-699 Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology
    • QA 801-939 Analytic mechanics

Beyond Jenks

NOBLE (All Libraries)
When searching the NOBLE Catalog, any time you would like to look beyond Jenks for resources from other NOBLE libraries, use the Location drop down to and select the "NOBLE (All Libraries) option. This allows you to cross-search all collections within the NOBLE libraries for materials. Use the "Place Hold" button on the book's record to have the material sent directly to Jenks.

NOBLE Catalog

Tips for Searching the Catalog

Use the basic search box and enter any combination of keywords into the search line. The best keywords to use for your two paper topics will be either the individual's name (e.g. George Boole) or the name of the math topic/trend you are studying (e.g. Information Theory).

Subject Headings
Once you run a few searches and find a few books about or related to your topic, use those records as jumping off points for related information. On a book's record, look for the Subject section. Scan the list of linked subjects for any that are near your topic. Clicking on those subject links will provide a list of all other books with Jenks that have also been tagged with this same subject.