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Languages & Linguistics: NOBLE Catalog

Location Guide

Search the NOBLE catalog to find materials on topics in languages and linguistics.

If you want to browse the shelves, some languages and linguistics related call numbers are:

 P            Philology & Linguistics

 PA         Classical Languages & Lit.

 PB          Modern European Languages

 PC          Romance Languages

 PD         Germanic Languages

 PF          West Germanic Languages

 PG         Slavic Languages & Lit.

 PH         Finno-Ugrian, Basque, L&L

 PJ           Arab & Semitic Lang.&Lit.

 PK          Indo-Iranian Lang. & Lit.

 PL          Oriental Languages & Lit.

 PM         American Indian & Artifici

 PQ         Romance Literatures

 PT          Germanic Literatures

Check out the Materials Location Guide for more information on where to find materials in Jenks Library.