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HIS 494: Celtic Spirituality: Getting Started

HIS 494

NOBLE Catalog

Reference Books

Online Reference Sources

LC Call Numbers

STACK 1 - B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Subclass BR - Christianity 

BR 1-1725 Christianity

BR 140-1510 History

BR 160-481 By period

BR 160-275 Early and medieval

BR 500-1510 By region or country

BR 1690-1725 Biography (this is where you will find books about specific Saints)

Subclass BX - Christian Denominations

BX 2400-4563 Monasticism

BX 4650-4705 Biography and portraits > Individual Saints

For further breakdown the "B" LC Call number subclasses, see the LOC Classification outline for philosophy, psychology, and religion.

STACK 2 - D - World History, History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Subclass DA - Great Britain

DA 900-995 Ireland

DA 909-965 - General History

DA 930-937.5 Early and Medieval to 1603 

For further breakdown the "D" LC Call number subclasses, see the LOC Classification outline for world history.

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