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HIS 221: Renaissance and Reformation Europe: Getting Started

Reference Books




Atlases can be found in two places in the Reference Room.

  1. Shelved in the section of the Reference Room.
  2. On the Atlas Case stands. Atlases in this section will have the call number prefix Ref. Atlas.

In the Stacks

There are several locations within the stacks where books on the Renaissance and Reformation may be found depending on your topic. Some books may be found in the religion section on Stack 1, others on Stack 2 in the history section, or on Stack 4 in the art section. Below is a list of call number ranges that you can use for finding the general area of the stacks for books related to topics discussed in this class:  


B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Subclass BR - Christianity

  • BR 160-275 Early and medieval history of Christianity
  • BR 280 Renaissance and Reformation
  • BR 290-481 Modern Period
    • BR 305 Reformation
    • BR 232.5-334.2 Martin Luther


C - Auxiliary Sciences of History
Subclass CB - History of Civilization

  • CB 305-430 By Period
    • CB 361 Renaissance

D - World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Subclass D - History General

  • D 204-475 Modern Period
    • DS 219-234 1453-1648
    • DS 242-283.5 1601-1715

Subclass DA - History of Great Britain

  • DA 300-592 Modern, 1485-

Subclass DG - History of Italy

  • DG 401-583.8 Medieval and Modern Italy, 476-


N - Fine Arts
Subclass N - Visual Arts

  • N 6370 History - Renaissance art

NOBLE Catalog

Online Reference Sources