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HIS 121: Historical Perspectives: Home

Course Description

Examines culture building, development and change, and interaction of diverse peoples across a broad swath of history. Explores Christianity from its Middle Eastern roots through Renaissance/Reformation to global cultures of contemporary world in political, technological, social and cultural contexts. Investigates Christian traditions, missionary endeavors, reform movements, and relationships between adherents of different world religions. Introduces critical evaluation of historical evidence.

The Course Guide to HIS 121 provides quick access links to top resources in historical research including background research materials, primary sources, and library databases.

IMAGE UNDER PUBLIC DOMAIN COPYRIGHT: "Ancient Egyptian wooden stela depicting Lady Djedkhonsuiwesankh giving offerings of food, drink, and flowers to Re-Horakhty" Wikimedia Commons PD-US 

Getting Started

View a list of reference books available in the Reference Room in Jenks Library and other online reference materials.  Use the NOBLE Catalog to find more materials from our general circulating collection on topics in history.

Secondary Sources

View a list of resources for finding secondary source materials including books, library databases, and academic journals.   

You can also use the Journal Finder search interface to find specific journals related to topics in history that Gordon directly subscribes to either online or in print.  

Primary Sources

View a list of resources for finding primary source material from ancient Egypt to the Reformation.  

Citing Sources

Resources for citing sources in either MLA, APA, or CMS.