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Course Guide

The Course Guide to ENG 380 provides quick access links to resources to assist current and future writing tutors in coaching students with their research and writing process.  It also provides resources to help peer tutors prepare for the research project for ENG 380.

Helping Students with Research

As a writing tutor you may need to assist students with their research for the particular paper they are writing.  Often times what students need the most help with is getting started with their topics and research, and learning how to integrate sources thoughtfully into their paper.  This page contains resources that can help you coach students through this beginning research process.

Library Resources

For your paper assignment you are asked to contribute a piece of writing to a manual for peer-mentors.  Your particular topic could be anything from working with students with learning disabilities, working with ESL students, to common writing problems such as writer's block.  This page contains a list of resources such as books and library databases that will help you get started on writing your paper for the manual.  

Citing Sources

Citing sources is a big component of academic writing.  A citation is how researchers show that they are well informed about their topic, give credit to the information they are using, and also help continue the scholarly conversation around this particular topic by providing readers with resources to explore further.  This page contains citation resource for each of the major citation formats typically used in college classrooms: MLA, APA, and CMS.