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KIN 371: Medical Missions in the Developing World: Home

Course Description

KIN 371, Medical Missions in the Developing World, is a selected topics class that explores the medical and healthcare issues facing those in the developing world and the role of foreign NGOs and medical missions in helping to provide services in the context of the countries' political and social structure.  

The Course Guide to KIN 371 provides quick access links to resources on healthcare, medical missions work, and social/political information on developing countries including web resources and scholarly source material.

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Developing Country Information

Learn more about your country's: 

  • Culture & Religion
  • Government
  • Heath care access
  • Environment & Geography
  • Social & Political Climate

Through a variety of websites and other resources.

Diseases & Disabilities

Discover information about the common diseases or disabilities that are common in your developing country.  

Medical Missions

View lists of domestic and global missions organizations, both in the public and private sector, working to provide health care in developing countries.  Also view general resources for global missions work, specifically in the medical field. 

Citing Sources

Learn more about citing sources in APA.  See examples of commonly cited sources such as books and scholarly journal articles and also learn the proper citation for websites, images, and more.  

Zotero Reference Management Tool

A useful strategy for research is to identify an organization method that works for you as you gather your research.  Keeping yourself organized as a research will help you better make connections between sources and help further your ideas.  One tool you can use to help keep yourself organized is Zotero.  Zotero is a reference management software that helps you store, organize, and cite information. 

The Zotero tool is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux users.  You can choose to download "Zotero for Firefox" which will link with your Firefox browser or download the "Zotero Standalone" option which will allow you to use the web browser of your choice.  If you are using the Standalone client, first download Zotero and then add the appropriate browser extension for your prefered web browser.