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HIS 341: Eastern Europe, Byzantium, and the Caucasus: Home

Course Description

This course explores cultures and societies of the Byzantine world from the founding of Constantinople to its capture by the Turks.  This course seeks to step outside of the traditional boundaries of European history and explore cultures that bridged Europe and Asia.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.  It also examines the role of art in Byzantine society, its religious significance, and some methods of artistic production.  

The Course Guide to HIS 341 provides quick access to links to top resources in 4c.-15c. Eastern Europe, Byzantium, and the Caucasus including background research materials, library databases, and primary source material.

Image attribution: Public Domain, created 6th century.


Getting Started

View a list of reference books available in the Reference Room in Jenks Library.  Use the NOBLE Catalog to find more materials from our general circulating collection on Eastern Europe, Byzantium, and the Caucasus.

Databases & Scholarly Articles

View a list of top library databases you can use to search for scholarly journal articles.

You can also use the Journal Finder search interface to find specific journals related to topics in history that Gordon directly subscribes to either online or in print.  

Primary Sources

View a list of resources for finding primary source material.

Citing Sources

Resources for citing sources using the Chicago Manual of Style.