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Alumni Reading Room

Beauregard Mezzanine

Reference Room

Bistro 255

Jenks Library's mission is to offer a welcoming environment for all. Part of this means providing a variety of study space for all types of learning. Whether you study best with a group of friends or need absolute silence - we have the place for you!

Quiet Study
There are two-types of quiet study in Jenks - semi-quiet such as the Stacks and absolute silence such as the Alumni Reading Room.

Communal Study
Do you study best when there is a lot going on around you and your surrounded by your friends and fellow students, use the Reference Room and Mezzanine!  

Group Study 
Working on a project for a class and need a quiet place to meet as a group, reserve one of our group study rooms!

Need a quick study break or a snack before class - don't forget about Bistro 255, the Library's coffee shop!