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Jenks Library Holdings Review

Choice Review Online


As you find books for your library purchase request in Choice, copy the title information from the "Search Results" page and paste into a document on your computer, or into an email message. Then, after making final decisions, send your requests to Of course, you can also continue to request books for the library using the "Request Library Resource Purchase" form on the library website, or by sending the title information to Alec Li.


You can create your own profile in Choice, specifying subjects of interest to you. Then, when you are logged into your profile, you can select "My Monthly Reviews" to see reviews specific to your profile. You will receive a monthly email newsletter, containing titles reviewed each month matching your subject areas. A password profile also allows you to create and save lists of reviews. If you would like help setting up your password profile, contact Erica Street.


We recommend copying and pasting from the Choice results page into a document or email message because the email feature in Choice is not compatible with Gordon's spam safeguards and will not work if you enter a Gordon email address in both the "To:" and "From:" boxes. However, Choice's email feature will work if you use a non-Gordon email address in the "From:" box.


Choice has login/logout links on the right side of the page. If the "Login to CRO" link appears, you must click on it to use the site. If it does not appear, it means you're able to go right on. It is very important that you use the log out links. You need to click on the "Logout from My Password" link if you are in your profile. Then you must also click the "Logout from CRO" link to open up a seat for a new user. If you are not using a password profile, you only need to click on the "Logout from CRO" link to open up a seat for a new user.

The Jenks Library subscription allows four simultaneous users. If you are "turned away" from Choice often, please tell a librarian. We want you to be able to use this resource.

Take a look at the "Top Tips for Using CRO" on the left side of the Choice home page.