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MAT 134: Survey of Calculus: Home

Course Description

MAT 134: Survey of Calculus Introduces differentiation and integration of algebraic and transcendental functions in unified manner. Emphasizes conceptual understanding and problem solving rather than theory. For students with high school algebra and working knowledge of functions. 

The course guide to MAT 134 provides quick access links to resources for conducting math research. 


View a list of top library databases you can use to search for scholarly journal articles on topics related to function use in everyday life such as business, economics, psychology, and more.

Academic Journals

Use the Journal Finder search interface to find specific journals related to your topic available at Jenks. Also use BrowZine to browse for journals by subject.

Data Sites

View a list of top sites for accessing data in the United States and around the world in subjects such as economics, health, climate, population, and more.

Getting Started