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Library Syllabus Statement

Please include the following statement in your syllabi:

Students are responsible to obtain any library resources assigned for this course. Questions about library resources should be directed to librarians in the Jenks Library. Librarians are available to assist you by email at or by appointment. 

Blackboard Links: Linking to Articles

You can point students to specific journal articles and ebooks by using persistent links from library electronic resources. Persistent links, also called permalinks, durable links, or bookmarks, are Internet addresses that connect directly to specific full text articles or  ebooks. For most databases it is important to copy the persistent link from the article record rather than the URL appearing in the browser address bar, which is temporary and may not work later on.

Most persistent links can be placed within Blackboard class sites, syllabi, and reading lists. Using a persistent link is preferable to posting the PDF or placing print articles on reserve, because it avoids copyright issues. Additionally, using a persistent link acquaints students with library resources and allows the library to evaluate databases through usage reports. A few journals do not allow their persistent links to be used in Blackboard or online syllabi. Such use restrictions will always be stated at the end of the full text article.

For resources other than EBSCO and Gale Infotrac you will need to add the library proxy prefix to the beginning of the persistent link so that students can be authenticated to access the article when they are off campus. Always test a persistent link before saving it in Blackboard.

Below you will find directions for using persistent links for journal articles and ebooks.



  • From an EBSCO result list, click on the article title to access the article record. From the right hand "Tools" list, select "permalink". Copy this permalink and paste it into Blackboard.
  • You do not need to add the proxy prefix to persistent links (permalinks) from EBSCO.

Gale Infotrac

  • From a Gale Infotrac result list, click on the article title to access the article record. In the article record "Tools" box, select "Bookmark this Document". Copy the "Bookmark URL" and paste into Blackboard.
  • You do not need to add the proxy prefix to persistent links from Gale Infotrac.

Boston Globe

  • In the article record, click on "Tags" near top of page. In the window that appears, copy and paste the "Document URL" into Blackboard.
  • Add the following proxy prefix to the beginning of the URL:
    • Example:


  • From a JSTOR search results list, click on an article title to access to article record. 
  • Copy the "Stable URL" link into blackboard (listed right below publisher and DOI information).
  • Add the following proxy prefix to the beginning of the URL:
    • Example:

Sage Journals
Sage Journals is an online collection of journals.

  • You can find these online journals from Journal Finder by searching for the specific journal title.
  • You can also find online journals by browsing Sage's publication list:
    • ​Choose "Sage Premier All Access Collection," from the Library Databases list. 
    • Select the "Browse" link at the top of the page to view a full list of available journals. Find your journal by title.
    • Select "All Issues" to view the full list of available issues by date and volume. 
    • Select the "Full Text (PDF)" option to open the article in a new window.
    • Copy the URL as it appears in the top browser address bar.
    • Add the following proxy prefix to the beginning of the URL:
      • Example:

​E-Journals from Publishers

  • You can find online subscription journals by searching using the journal title in Journal Finder.
  • Under the journal name, choose the publisher link.


You can link to ebooks in Blackboard. You can find ebooks from the library website two ways:

  • From the NOBLE catalog, search for the format "E-book" and a "keyword", OR
  • Choose an ebook provider from the Electronic Resources page Ebooks.

eBooks on EBSCOhost

  • After finding an "ebook on EBSCOhost" title in the NOBLE catalog or from the library electronic resources pages,
  • Go to the ebook record in EBSCOhost and copy the Permalink from the Tools list on the right. You will find Permalinks at the book, chapter and page level.
  • Paste the Permalink URL into Blackboard.

Free Online Collections

  • Look for a persistent link on the book's main page in the online collection.
  • Paste this URL into Blackboard.


Blackboard Links: Subject Research Guides

Subject Research Guides point students to the library resources most helpful for research in specific subject areas -art, biblical studies, biology, chemistry, etc. Each guide covers library electronic resources (databases), journals, books and other materials, as well as selected websites.

You will find the Subject Research Guides on the Library website, under "Research." In addition, the library suggests that faculty place a link to a guide on each Blackboard class site. The subject specific guide will help your students find the most appropriate library resources for course related research.

The Jenks Library homepage is automatically a part of each class shell, but you will need to add a link to a Subject Research Guide yourself, if you choose to do so.